We see our clients as partners, and involve them to the degree that they feel comfortable in the investment process. Some prefer a great deal of detail and involvement, while others would rather approach their investments from a broader perspective. We tailor our level of communication to meet our clients’ desires, and understand the value of regular face-to-face meetings.


We succeed when our clients succeed. Metis Capital Management does not receive commissions of any kind. As a fee-only investment advisory firm, our interests align with those of our clients and no one else.

Customized Planning

We recognize that each one of our clients has individual needs, and we address this in the financial solutions we provide. Every portfolio represents a unique set of parameters: risk tolerance, industry preferences, investment time horizon, preference for growth vs. income, and other factors. We listen to our clients and our goal is to shape a suitable investment plan.


Just as we partner with our clients on their investment needs, so do we partner with the other professionals our clients work with. In collaboration with accountants, attorneys, and estate planners we provide our clients with the optimal investment strategy.


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